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Elasto Proxy Supports Centraide Laurentides


Doug Sharpe
President of Elasto Proxy

Centraide Laurentides is a non-profit organization that supports a network of community assistance groups throughout the Laurentians, the region north of Montréal that Elasto Proxy calls home. Here at our headquarters in Boisbriand, Quebéc, we’re more than just a Canadian company or a global business with offices in North America and China. Elasto Proxy is a member of a local community, and we support Centraide Laurentides in its efforts to help our neighbors who are in need.

Centraide Laurentides collects donations from businesses and individuals in and around Boisbriand. The organization’s focus is local but diverse. In distributing funds to a variety of charitable groups, Centraide supports food banks, provides tuition assistance, buys eyeglasses, and even pays for children’s visits to museum. A good steward, they also ensure that groups use donations wisely. For example, each group must be recertified annually and prove that it’s helping more people than the year before.

As Christiane Quessy, our area representative explains, Centraide Laurentides is part of the United Way, but independent. There are 18 Centraide branches in Quebéc, but all of the money that we donate is used to help our local community. That’s why for every dollar our employees give, Elasto Proxy adds 2.5 dollars more. Centraide Laurentides has many donors, of course, and some of its biggest supporters are people who received assistance when they were in need. They are a testament to its success.

As a small, family-run business that’s grown from a “Mom and Pop Shop” into growing global player in the rubber and plastics industry, we’re also committed to our community. Our name, a marriage of “elastomer” and “proxy” defines Elasto Proxy’s commitment to fully understanding the needs of our partners and delivering on them. As a supporter of Centraide Laurentides, we’re proud to play a part in meeting the needs of our neighbors, too.

We invite you to donate to your local charity, or to help us in supporting Centraide Laurentides. Look for them on the Web, or find them on Facebook. Thank you.

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